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Thermostat is a small and neglected part of a car. However, it performs an important function by controlling the temperature of the engine coolant valve. Thus, when it stops functioning, the car engine can get overheated and does not work anymore. Thus, once this thermostat begins to wear out, it should be replaced without much delay.

The thermostat starts at a closed position when you start the engine to help it reach operating temperature. As coolant temperature rises, it begins to open. The opening allows hot coolant in the engine to flow into the radiator, while the water pump pushes lower-temperature coolant from the radiator into the engine. When the lower-temperature coolant reaches the thermostat container, the expanding fluid begins to contract, closing the thermostat’s valve.

During engine operation, though, the thermostat actually never fully closes or opens, but gradually nears either state to control coolant flow, depending on engine operating conditions. This allow the engine to operate at the best temperature. This ideal engine-operating temperature accomplishes several goals: It helps engine oil to lubricate efficiently and to remove harmful deposits. It reduces emissions and gas consumption and contributes to engine performance. Thus, the thermostat has an impact on your engine's health and longevity.

Internal combustion engines perform best at specific operating temperatures and being too hot or cold can affect a car's reliability. Our extensive range of quality thermostat housings and gaskets will ensure that your car continues to run at its optimum temperature.

Engine temperature is monitored and maintained by a thermostat, which needs to be protected from the heat of the engine. Automotive thermostats incorporate a small pellet of wax that melts and expands at a set temperature, pushing open a cooling valve when the optimum temperature is exceeded. Due to the precise sensitivity of this design, a quality thermostat housing is essential, as even the slightest crack can lead to extensive engine damage. Often more difficult to spot, old and worn thermostat gaskets can also cause temperature issues within your engine. Quality gaskets are vital for sealing your thermostat and its housing together, safely and securely. We’ve used of high-quality thermostat housing and gaskets to ensure you find the right fit for your vehicle.

No. If it has been determined that there is a thermostat problem, it should be repaired right away. Failure to do so can cause substantial and costly damage to the engine.

Engine overheating due to causes other than a faulty thermostat, will themselves damage a thermostat. Therefore, always replace the thermostat if the engine overheats, even if the thermostat was not the initial cause of the overheating.
The thermostat should be replaced anytime you have major work done on the coolant system. It is convenient and costs little during such repairs and insurance against future breakdown.

OEM thermostats are the best ones to use and you can request your mechanic to install only the OEM thermostat. Dealer supplied, OEM thermostats are sometimes costlier but are generally higher quality and specifically engineered for your car.

Any liquid-cooled car engine has a small device called the thermostat that sits between the engine and the radiator. The thermostat in most cars is about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. Its job is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up.

Symptoms of a stuck open thermostat are slow to reach normal operating temperature and only warm air blowing from the heater. Symptoms of a stuck closed thermostat are engine over-heating and radiator boil-over. Yes, they can stick open or closed.

Time how long it takes the engine to warm up enough to produce heat when the heater is turned on. If it takes more than five minutes for the heater to produce heat, it is a sign that the thermostat is stuck open, allowing all the coolant to flow all the time.

The main purpose of a thermostat housing is to contain the engine thermostat and provide a coolant outlet to the radiator. In some cases, each radiator hose will be connected to a similar looking housing, with one serving as a coolant inlet and the other as an outlet.

Once the engine is completely cold, the radiator cap is loosened, and enough coolant is drained from the radiator, so the coolant level is below the thermostat housing.
The thermostat housing is removed, and the thermostat and gasket are extracted. Note that some cars have more than one cooling system thermostat and both might need replacement.
All mounting surfaces on the thermostat housing are cleaned of old gasket material. A new gasket is applied, and the thermostat is re-installed in the correct orientation and with the temperature sensing cylinder facing downward towards the engine.
The thermostat housing bolts are tightened to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications using a calibrated inch-pound torque wrench.
The cooling system is refilled with the appropriate coolant type and the system is fully bled of all air.
The car engine run until the normal operating temperature is reached, and while taking precautions with the hot coolant, the coolant level is rechecked while confirming there is flow through the radiator either visually or with an infrared temperature gun. This will confirm the thermostat is open. Finally, the engine is checked for leaks.

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