What is a Rear Axle

In rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, the engine turns a driveshaft (also called a propeller shaft or tail shaft) which transmits rotational force to a drive axle at the rear of the vehicle. The drive axle may be a live axle, but modern rear wheel drive automobiles generally use a split axle with a differential.

is supplied from the engine via the transmission to a driveshaft which connects to the differential a pinion. gear is attached to the end of the driveshaft this turns the ring gear the ring gear surrounds. a set of differential gears that enable the two rear axles to turn at different speeds.

Rear Suspension bushes are the rubber parts between suspension joints responsible for making your journeys as smooth as possible. If you need a suspension bush replacing, we're sure to have the right product to help you put the comfort back into your driving.

Anti-Roll Bar Also known as a stabiliser bar or torsion bar, the anti-roll bar on your car helps to reduce body roll when cornering. Our range is suitable for all sorts of vehicle, and features everything you need to keep things functioning as they should.

Rear Coil springs absorb vibrations and bumps on the road, delivering a smoother ride for you and your passengers. If you need coil spring replacements, an integral part of a car's suspension, coil springs have been designed to absorb shock. As you travel, your vehicle will come across plenty of bumps in the road - and it's a coil spring's job to make sure you hardly feel the effects. Over time, coil springs can lose their elasticity. This happens with general wear and tear, and for the most comfortable ride possible it's best to replace them.

Rear Shock Absorbers For the optimum in smooth rides and comfortable journeys, it can be worth updating your shock absorbers, the job of the shock absorber is a simple one - to keep you as steady on the road as possible. When there are the inevitable bumps and potholes to deal with, it’s the shock absorbers that keep your wheels tight to the road, working with the suspension system to even out surfaces and keep you on the straight and narrow. It could be time to upgrade your absorbers if you feel that your car isn’t handling as well as it used to, or if you arrive feeling like you’ve felt every inch of the road surface beneath you as you’ve travelled

The Rear suspension mounting in your car improves the link between the chassis and the shock absorber to give a smoother ride. Just a simple component, the small mounting plate itself is one of the most important parts of your car’s whole suspension system and can cause significant and costly damage to your vehicle if it fails. Your car has two or four mounting points, depending on whether it has two- or four-wheel independent suspension. The suspension mounting is attached by a circular metal plate that is bolted securely into place at several points. It is located above the two front wheels, to either side of the motor, and, in the case of four-wheel independent suspension, also close to both rear wheel wells where the mounting meets the suspension. Being the part that absorbs all the bumps and vibrations while driving, the suspension mounting is put under intense strain and can become easily worn or damaged as a result. Symptoms of a defective mount include poor handling, hard or noisy steering, instability when cornering and uneven wheel alignment. A fully functional suspension mounting will improve the lifespan of shock absorbers and other vital suspension parts such as tyres. Checking the mounting regularly is an essential part of car maintenance and replacing mounts when worn is a small price to pay to ensure the safety and handling of your car remains intact. Replace both or all four mountings together to ensure even wear.

In rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, the engine turns a driveshaft (also called a propeller shaft or tail shaft) which transmits rotational force to a drive axle at the rear of the vehicle. The drive axle may be a live axle, but modern rear wheel drive automobiles generally use a split axle with a differential.

Rear Axle Carriers For a truly safe drive, it’s important to keep an eye on your rear axle carriers. Unfortunately, the nature of this car part means that they can be easily damaged often just by hitting the curb but even without any kind of impact, they do experience damage over time. It’s because of this that you should keep an eye on your axle carriers and look to replace them when they do become worn beyond use. Updating these will not only help your car spread its load and reduce the vibration experienced by the rear axle carriers, but they’ll contribute to the safe and sensible running of your car. A study of axle system noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance using design for six sigma (DFSS) methods is presented with a focus on system robustness to typical product variations manufacturing based tolerances. Instead of using finite element analysis as the simulation tool, a lumped parameter system dynamics model developed in Simulink is used in the study. This provides an efficient way to conduct large analytical design of experiment and stochastic studies. The model's capability to predict both nominal and variance performance is validated with vehicle test data using statistical hypothesis test methods. Major driveline system variables that contribute to axle gear noise are identified and their variation distributions in production are obtained through sampling techniques. Through analytical DOE and analysis of variance analyses, the critical design parameters that control system NVH variations with respect to product variations and variations due to operating conditions are covered. Design criteria of axle systems with respect to robust NVH performance are also discussed.

Rear Axle Carrier bushes the bushes are usually made of rubber or a metal and rubber combination. These are often known as metaplastic bushes. Much firmer polyurethane bushes are also popular with keen drivers as they can have handling benefits. You'll find bushes all around your car. From the anti-roll bars to the steering control arms, ball joints and even the mounts for the dampers and suspension turrets. Over time and with mileage, bushes will wear out. When bushes wear, excess play (unwanted movement) will be evident.

Rear Axle Bearing A bad rear wheel bearing needs immediate rear wheel bearing replacement. It’s a job you can do yourself, if you have good mechanical skill. Different makes and models of vehicle will require different techniques for the rear wheel bearing replacement. This will depend on whether it’s a solid assembly, and on the type of brakes on the wheels.

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