Infiniti Service

Which service should I choose?

The type of service you choose for your car will be dependent on various factors, including the condition of your car, the number of miles you drive and the last time your car was serviced. We offer two types of service for you Full Service which includes a comprehensive 70 points check while Interim Service has a 50 points check. Find out what include in these services.

Full Service includes a comprehensive 70-point check, Interim Service has a 50-point check. At Many Autos we use the latest equipment, allowing our qualified technicians and mechanics to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently. Forgetting to service the vehicle as per manufacturer schedule can cause airborne debris such as leaves and dust to find their way into the engine, in particular the cylinders. This grime can then mix with the engine oil, which, when moves around the engine can slowly wear away engine components due to its abrasive nature. If left for a while clogged filters can cause serious damage to engine, reducing its performance and costing you more money than the cost of a normal service. At Many Autos we keep a range of different service parts in stock for every make and model, so you can get the service you need to keep the vehicle engine running at the highest possible standard.

Air filters prevent dirt and other materials from getting into vehicle engines and should be changed as per service schedule to ensure trouble-free engine function. Fuel Filter. The purpose of fuel filters is to prevent debris from getting into vehicle engine and contaminating fuel supply.

An oil filter is a vital component it is Designed to protect the engine from dangerous contaminants.

The pollen filter actually filters out more than just pollen it stops all kinds of debris, pollution and odours from entering the cabin and clogging up the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The grade and type of engine oil used can also impact the car's economy and emissions, so it is essential to use the correct grade engine oil. Unlike blood, engine oils don't self-cleanse and after a short amount of time will start to degrade and become progressively dirtier and less efficient.
At Many Autos we cater for all models within the Infiniti range.
If you do not see your vehicle in the list below, please call us and we will give you a quote for your car service accordingly.

6 Months

Change oil and oil filter special oils at extra charge Top up bonnet fluid levels. Check brakes. Check steering. Check suspension. Check tyres. Check pollen filter. Collection and delivery.

12 Months

Change oil and oil filter special oils if required Top up bonnet fluid levels. Check brakes remove wheels. Check brake fluid. Check steering. Check suspension. Check tyres. Check pollen filter. Change air filter. Replace spark plugs if applicable (at extra cost). Collection and delivery.

Interim Service Includes (50 Points Check) Full Service Includes (70 Points Check)
Initial Checks

Collect vehicle from specified address

Check vehicle history

Note customer comments and recommendations

Check for damage to body work

Check trims

Check lamps

Check number plates

Check mirrors

Check timing belt interval

Log vehicle condition

Vehicle on ground checks

Check ABS

Check all interior warning lights

Check horn

Check condition and operation of seat belts

Check operation of interior lights and switches

Check operation of exterior lights and switches

Check front and rear windscreen wipers and washers

Check condition and security of windscreen

Check condition and security of rear view mirror

Check fuel cap

Check air conditioning

Check and top up power steering reservoir

Check PAS

Check auxiliary belt

Check fan belts

Check pollen/cabin filter

Check battery condition and security

Check clutch operation

CCheck handbrake operation and travel

Check and top up gearbox oil

Check and top up axle oil

Check and top up transfer box oil (if applicable)

Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels

CCheck and top up brake fluid

Check and top up antifreeze

Check and top up clutch fluid

CLubricate door hinges

Lubricate catches and locks (where required)

Check coolant systems for leaks

Check engine cooling fan

Check operation of throttle and lubricate as required

Replace air filter

Replace spark plugs if applicable (at extra cost)

Visually inspect condition of HT leads

Inspection details

Vehicle raised / off the ground checks

Carry out under-body inspection (check for any corrosion)

Replace engine oil specialist if required

Replace oil filter

Check condition and security of steering

Check condition and security of suspension

Check condition and security of mountings

Check condition and security of gaiters

Check exhaust system for security and leaks

Check fuel lines for security and leaks

Check brake pipes

Check hoses

Check handbrake cables

Check cylinders/calipers for leakage (if applicable)

Check condition of distributor cap

Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear

Test starter motor cranking operation and security

Visually inspect radiator and coolant pipes/hoses for security and leaks

Check tyre condition and adjust pressure (if required)

Check and record brake pads/shoes for condition and operation

Check and record drums and discs for condition and operation

Check condition and operation of front brakes (wheels removed)

Check condition and operation of rear brakes (wheels removed)

Refit wheels (if applicable) - set wheel torque

Additional checks as per manufacturer schedule

Inspection details

Vehicle Final checks

Conduct road test

Check exhaust emissions and idle speed

Reset service light (where applicable)

Stamp service book

Deliver vehicle to specified address

Vehicle delivery condition

Over time, the brake fluid in your car becomes less effective as it absorbs moisture from the surroundings. This results in increased stopping distances and reduced braking efficiency, which is why we recommend regularly checking your brake fluid with us and replacing it as necessary.

Infiniti Transmission Service Your transmission oil plays a vital role as both a lubricant and coolant. As it’s subjected to more and more gear changes, it gradually becomes thinner and needs to be replaced. Your Service Schedule recommends

The engine coolant circulates through the car's cooling system, it serves to keep the engine at an optimal temperature for an efficient combustion cycle and prevents it from overheating. The coolant runs from the reservoir, through the radiator, the water pump and onto the thermostat to be circulated through the engine back to the reservoir where the process begins anew.

Without a steady supply of cool engine coolant flowing through the cooling system there is a risk that the car will overheat, in some cases the engine can then suffer expensive internal damage. Debris like scale or rust shed by the internals of the system can cause an inadequate flow of engine coolant through the system. Eventually, the system can clog up entirely. Should you experience problems with the engine coolant supply, then it is advisable to have the cooling system inspected and, if necessary, have the coolant replaced. Seeing that engine coolant is generally prone to deteriorate over time it should always be replaced as and when stipulated in the guidelines set out by your car's manufacturer.

In short, a Infiniti Air Conditioning Service enables you to maintain the perfect climate when driving. However, the perfect climate isn’t just limited to the temperature. Providing an enjoyable cabin that is dust and allergen free is one of the key roles of your Infiniti s air conditioning system. To keep your air conditioning working perfectly, we recommend operating the system often, as well as ensuring you have it examined and receive one of our air conditioning service options completed by our expert Technicians, regularly.

If you find that you are unable to achieve a comfortable temperature or de-fog your windscreen on a cold morning, your car may need an air conditioning recharge. A Infiniti Recharge Service is the perfect fix and includes full system checks for both pressure and leaks, as well as a complete drain and refilling of refrigerant and lubricants. And as to be expected, the Infiniti Air Conditioning Recharge Service comes with a level of expertise only.

Is your Infiniti starting to lose that new car smell? It may be time for a refresh service. We want your drive to be as comfortable as possible and we have the expertise to make that happen we recommend you take your Infiniti to your local Many Autos Infiniti Centre so a highly trained Infiniti technician can clean and disinfect the evaporator and air duct systems, as well as treat the air vents and the interior to keep that new car smell for a little longer.

Infiniti entire service history is now stored electronically in a secure Infiniti database. This gives us a simple way to access information and guard against details being lost, as well as to protect buyers from forgery. Of course, when you have your Infiniti serviced, we’ll also provide you with a convenient printout of any work done or recommended.

The cost of replacing the engine coolant depends on your car and what parts your car's manufacturer recommends using for the replacement.

Common Infiniti Problems found during a full service

It is known that Infiniti engines commonly leak form the valve covers or tensioner gasket seals. This can be a highly hazardous as there is a risk of leaking oil hitting the exhaust which will in turn cause the oil to burn. Engine oil also destroys wiring if it comes into contact which is why you may face electrical faults as a result of leaking oil in your Infiniti. If your engine oil is leaking in your Infiniti, a mechanic will be sure to find it during a full service as there are a number of tell-tale signs. It would be hard not to miss as the liquid would be likely to be dripping form the undercarriage of the car.

If the axle joint on an Infiniti dries out, you are likely to hear a clunking or clicking sound when making sharp turns. This happens when the CV boot has been torn and grease has been split into the interior engine. The axle joint needs grease to operate properly and so when there isn’t any available, you’re going to face problems. During an Infiniti full service, a mechanic will be likely to check on the health of the CV boot and axle joint if you have been hearing strange noises coming from your car.

Many Infiniti models have a flexible joint in the exhaust between the down-pipe and the catalytic converters. This joint is prone to weathering and often begins to leak. While the deeper exhaust note can sound cool for a while, the results can be very expensive. There are a range of other Infiniti specific problems which may be picked up during a full service, here are just a few more of the other common issues.