Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is one of the most important components of a modern combustion engine. They ensure that only clean fuel is sent to the engine by removing dirt, debris and other contaminants. Modern fuel systems are very sensitive to contaminants in the fuel and even the smallest particle can cause expensive damage by eroding the fuel pump, valves or injectors. Fuel filters also maximise performance as clean fuel burns more efficiently. It is recommended that the fuel filter is changed every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. However, this can vary depending on the car and the amount of driving. The purpose of fuel filters is to stop dirt and debris from getting into your engine and contaminating your fuel supply. To enhance and maintain your car’s performance, your car’s performance depends on a finely balanced mix of air and clean fuel. By keeping dirt at bay, your car’s fuel filters play a vital role in your car’s health and efficiency. Dirty, blocked, or worn fuel filters will compromise your car's performance. Failure to filter out dirt and debris could clog your fuel injectors and carburettor. This in turn could lead to damage and the need for costly repairs or replacement parts. It’s inexpensive and easy to replace your fuel filters, so don't leave it too late. Change yours regularly and buy a high-quality product to deliver full protection for your engine.

  • The most noticeable benefit of a clean fuel filter is engine performance. Modern high-precision fuel systems have very little tolerance to impurities in the fuel. These impurities can have a severe abrasive effect on the engine components and negatively affect engine performance as a result.
  • Clean fuel injectors spray a precise amount of fuel into the intake manifold. Impurities in the fuel can easily block or destroy one of these injectors. Replacing a fuel filter according to manufacturer’s guidelines can prevent this and prolong the life of such engine components. Furthermore, injectors are far more expensive to buy and replace then fuel filters.
  • An engine can misfire due to an incorrect fuel to air mixture, as mentioned above, a clogged or ineffective fuel filter can restrict the amount of fuel to the engine leading to an air heavy mixture.

When a fuel filter becomes clogged the fuel pump must work harder to pump sufficient fuel into the engine. A clogged fuel filter is more noticeable when the demand for fuel is higher than normal i.e. when driving up a hill or during acceleration. The fuel pump is put under increased pressure as it attempts to bring more fuel from a clogged and restrictive fuel filter. The following symptoms are also good indicators:

  1. Engine Will Not Start If the fuel filter is completely blocked the necessary amount of fuel may not reach the engine for it to start.
  2. Difficulty in Starting the Engine as the clogged filter is limiting the amount of fuel to the engine it may take longer to start the engine than normal.
  3. The flow of fuel to the engine may become inconsistent resulting in misfires or some hesitation when trying to accelerate.
  4. Stalling The engine may stall and come to a complete stop if the amount of fuel getting to the engine is insufficient.

Always check your owner's manual to see what the vehicle manufacturer's recommended guidelines are for fuel filter replacement. Sources online estimate filters should be replaced as soon as every 20,000 up to 40,000 miles.

Cars made prior to 1980 used mechanical fuel pumps and carburettors that required low fuel pressure to operate. Fuel filters keep contaminants and other particles from clogging the injectors.

  • When the 'Check Engine' light is on.
  • When the engine runs rough power, delivery is not as smooth as usual.
  • When fuel consumption of the car appears higher than usual.
  • When you experience problems starting the car.

Over time, a fuel filter can get rather dirty, clog up or fail completely. There will be a reduced flow of fuel towards the engine or, in extreme cases, dirty fuel will pass through the filter and onto the engine. Eventually, a fuel filter that does not work correctly can lead to further damage. Should you experience problems with the fuel supply, then it is advisable to have the fuel filter inspected and, if necessary, have it replaced. Seeing that the fuel filter is a component that is especially prone to wear it should always be replaced as and when stipulated in the servicing guidelines set out by your car's manufacturer.

  • Here are some warning signs that a fuel filter needs to be replaced.
  • Here are some warning signs that a fuel filter needs to be replaced.
  • Engine Won't Start a dirty fuel filter may prevent your car from starting at all.
  • Engine Idles Roughly.
  • Engine Hesitates During High-load.
  • Start-Stop Engine Problem.

One of the first symptoms of a problem with the auxiliary fuel filter is hard starting. If the filter becomes excessively dirty or clogged it may restrict fuel pressure or flow, which may cause the vehicle to have trouble starting.

A fuel filter put in backwards may restrict or stop the flow of fuel to the engine. If, after changing a fuel filter, the engine suddenly displays a loss of performance, the filter should be inspected for proper installation.

  • Would a bad fuel filter cause my car to die?
  • Another common symptom of a problem with the fuel filter is engine performance issues. A severely dirty or clogged fuel filter can cause the vehicle to experience misfires, a decrease in power and acceleration, and even stalling.
  • Can a bad fuel filter cause rough idle?
  • If this happens the engine will not get enough fuel, which can cause a rough idle, sputtering, stalling and even slow acceleration.

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