Air Filter Replacement

Air filters prevent dirt and other materials from getting into vehicles™ engines and should be changed or services annually to ensure trouble-free engine function. Forgetting to change or service the air filters on your car can cause airborne debris such as leaves and dust to find their way into the engine. This grime can then mix with the oil, which, when moved around the engine, can slowly wear away engine components due to its abrasive nature. If left for a while, a clogged and useless air filter can cause serious damage to your engine, reducing its performance and costing you more money than the cost of a filter.

The engine air filter should be replaced between 15,000 and 30,000 miles, depending on driving conditions. If you drive on unpaved roads, it needs to be changed more often. If you don't drive a lot, an air filter should be replaced at least every 3 years, as with age it becomes brittle.

If your air filter gets too dirty or clogged, your engine won't be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers. The engine will then run rich (i.e. too much gas and not enough air). When this happens, your car will lose power and run roughly. Your Check Engine light also may come on.

A dirty air filter prevents the necessary volume of clean air from reaching the engine which affects the emission control systems of the car, reducing air flow and causing a too rich air-fuel mixture which can foul the spark plugs. Fouled spark plugs can create an engine miss fire, rough idle and even starting problems.

Make sure you know the warning signs of a failing filter, so you can have a better sense of when it should be replaced.

  • Fuel Mileage.
  • Misfiring.
  • Unusual Engine Sounds.
  • Service Engine Light.
  • Reduced Horsepower.
  • Black Smoke or Flames Exiting the Exhaust.
  • Fuel Smell.

When the air filter is blocked with dust and grime, air flow decreases, and clean oxygen can't mix with the fuel. The fuel then becomes too rich, putting unnecessary stress on the engine. Gradually, you'll notice your car start to drive rough. Your check engine light may also turn on.

Your car's engine air filter should be replaced when it gets dusty or dirty enough. But don't let a mechanic convince you to replace it too frequently. Over time, your car's engine air filter collects dirt and debris even bugs and eventually needs to be replaced.

In addition, changing a clogged air filter can potentially increase acceleration by 6 to 11 percent on modern fuel-injected cars. Regardless of the exact figures, it is obvious that a clean air filter improves air flow to the engine and increases engine performance and Fuel mileage.

As outside air flows through it, it becomes filled with pollen, dust and debris. A clogged air filter won't allow enough air to enter the engine, and this can affect the performance of your vehicle over time. Because the air filter sits inside a black box or a metal housing on older vehicles it's easy to ignore.

In extreme cases, a contaminated air filter can turn on the check engine light. An extremely dirty air filter restricts engine air intake. Engine misfire. A misfire results from incomplete combustion inside the engine. A contaminated air filter can restrict engine airflow, resulting in a rich air and fuel mixture.

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