ABS Hydraulic Units

ABS hydraulic units provide the pressure your car needs to prevent its wheels from locking. Your cars ABS hydraulic unit receives commands from the ABS controller. This in turn obtains speed-related data from sensor rings on each wheel. When the sensor ring detects that one of your wheels is spinning at a different speed than the others, the controller tells the ABS hydraulic unit to close the solenoid valve. This then reduces the braking force on the offending wheel and stops it from locking for more than a nanosecond. A faulty ABS hydraulic unit could cause your car to fail its MOT. If your wheels are locking and you see a warning light appear on the dashboard, it could be that your ABS hydraulic unit is not working as it should.

ABS (or anti-lock braking system) is what keeps your wheels gripped to the road when braking sharply and prevents them from locking up to keep you in full control. The hydraulic unit in the ABS system works by equalising the pressure on each individual brake or adjusting it to stop the car from skidding or veering. Along with the ABS sensor, the hydraulic unit is an important component in terms of your car's safety, and we advise giving it the same TLC as the rest of your vehicle.

Anti-lock brakes really do help you stop better. They prevent wheels from locking up and provide the shortest stopping distance on slippery surfaces.

This is the true measure of the effectiveness of ABS systems. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has conducted several studies trying to determine if cars equipped with ABS are ­involved in more or fewer fatal accidents. It turns out that in a 1996 study, vehicles equipped with ABS were overall no less likely to be involved in fatal accidents than vehicles without. The study stated that although cars with ABS were less likely to be involved in accidents fatal to the occupants of other cars, they are more likely to be involved in accidents fatal to the occupants of the ABS car, especially single-vehicle accidents.There is much speculation about the reason for this. Some people think that drivers of ABS-equipped cars use the ABS incorrectly, either by pumping the brakes or by releasing the brakes when they feel the system pulsing. Some people think that since ABS allows you to steer during a panic stop, more people run off the road and crash. Some more recent information may indicate that the accident rate for ABS cars is improving, but there is still no evidence to show that ABS improves overall safety.

A brief teardown and look inside an ABS pump. The Anti-lock Braking system in your car prevents your wheels from locking up during braking. Preventing a skid is key to maintaining steering control and stability during a manoeuvre.

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